Vimanmek Mansion in Bangkok, Thailand, is the largest Teak Mansion Palace in the World. The history of The Vimanmek Mansion or also commonly known as the Vimanmek Palace began in 1900.

The Vimanmek Mansion (read: Wiman Mek) is a former royal palace in Bangkok, Thailand. It is also known as the Vimanmek Palace. The city is located in the Dusit Palace complex, near Dusit Zoo in Dusit district.

History of Construction

In 1897, King Rama V made ??a visit to Europe to visit many royal palace / palace compound. Upon his return from Europe, he bought the plantation and paddy fields between the river and the river Samsen Padung Krungkasem for the construction of the royal garden which he named the Dusit Garden“.

Vimanmek Palace was built in 1900 by having Munthatu Rattanaroj Rachathan Chuthathuj hotel in Ko Sichang, Chonburi, dismantled and reassembled in Dusit Garden as the first permanent residence in the park. In its construction, the building is not teak wood using nails, but using a wooden dowel or nail to strengthen the connection. The interior decoration combines European style with neoclassical motifs and traditional Thai architecture and early 20th century modernization.

The celebration for the completion of the 72-room Vimanmek Palace was held on March 27, 1901 was used as a royal palace by King Rama V for five years until the completion of Amphorn Satharn Villa in 1906 In 1932, Vimanmek Palace is only used as a storage area Bureau of the Royal Household.

In its development, in 1982 Queen Sirikit asked permission of King Rama IX to renovate Vimanmek Palace for use as a museum to commemorate King Rama V by displaying his photographs, personal art and handicrafts, and to serve as a showcase of the Thai national heritage. The palace is now a major tourist attraction and the world’s largest golden teak wood house. Many gifts and treasures collected King Chulalongkorn traveled to Europe now displayed in the museum.

Procedures for Visitors

Visitors to the palace should wear appropriate clothing to fit. It means having to wear a collared shirt and long pants, meaning if you are wearing shorts, jeans perforated, perforated or torn, or Tshirt, not allowed to enter. However, there is a store that provides a glove that can be purchased at the entrance to allow visitors to dress more appropriately. Cameras and phones must be left in the lockers provided, visitors are required to pass through a scanner, and shoes must be removed. Of course you have to pay to use the lockers. For this visit, you will be guided by tour guides who speak Thai and English.